SolidRun’s SolidSense Edge Gateway is part of the new mobile screening system deployed by the New South Wales Health Pathology.

COVID-19 Global Pandemic

Coronavirus, or COVID-19, is a global pandemic effecting millions world wide, with over 6.1 million reported cases and over 369,500 deaths caused by complications of the virus (as of May 2020). The unique contagious nature of the virus and the way it has been widely spread to some 188 countries, is causing shut-downs in many places, slowing down economies across the globe and altering the lives of most of the world’s population.

Besides the social and economical impact of COVID-19, the high number of cases and the fact this is a new virus with no current vaccine, is also putting a massive strain on health organizations and institutions around the world. These institutions are on the front-line of the battle against the virus and the effort to stabilize this pandemic.

Real-time COVID-19 Screening

One of the key elements used to battle the spread of the virus, alleviate the strain on health services, and maintain public health is testing and screening for COVID-19. This allows for better understanding and control over areas of outbreaks, while also minimizing contact between healthy and infected individuals. For these reasons it’s important for testing to take place in hot spots (such as hospitals, aged care facilities and airports) with results coming quickly.

The Australian based NSW Health Pathology (NSW Health website) have risen to the challenge and have developed a mobile on-site COVID-19 screening system, with the help of Cepheid GeneXpert testing systems, Witz Cloud Services (Witz website) and SolidRun’s engineering teams.

The screening system uses a rapid molecular testing device (GeneXpert) to provide test results of swabs taken from individuals within 50 minutes. Data from the test (positive or negative for the SARS-CoV-2 virus) is then transmitted to NSWHP’s laboratory information systems and then onto requesting medical practitioners, in real time. As the system needs to be mobile with screening done in a range of places such as on board ships and health centers in isolated areas, the screening system utilizes SolidRun’s SolidSense edge gateway – allowing the data to be transmitted in real-time to the cloud hub via 3G/4G cellular networks.

SolidRun is proud to assist the NSW Health Pathology in it’s efforts against the global pandemic. Our SolidSense gateway offers flexibility in implementing real-time data aggregation and transmission with the cloud, making it the perfect solution for reaching almost any point on earth.

A further key benefit SolidSense offered this project was its modular software approach, allowing the NSW development team to reach a working system in a very short development cycle.

As well as mobile COVID screening we are also embarking on exciting new journey of implementing virtual hospitals so we can perform real-time monitoring of (COVID and immunosuppressed) patients from the comfort of their own home. We have had interest both from NSW Health entities, as well as organisations outside NSW Health, which is endorsement of the model of healthcare we have all played a role in creating.

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